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Vectair Vibe Refill (Lasts upto 90 days)
Vectair Vibe is a patented revolutionary product with vibrating mesh technology dispenser. The harmonizing fragrance leaves a feeling of freshness and goodness where ever it is used. Each refill lasts up to 90 days.
An ideal product for offices, hotel receptions, restaurants, large washrooms, function halls, corridors.
1,500.00 ₹ 1500.0 INR
V Air® SOLID multi-phasing Passive Air Freshener
V Air Solid is one of the best air freshers available today. Our pioneering passive air freshener refills are completely free of any batteries, harmful solvents, propellants, HFCs and are VOC exempt.
560.00 ₹ 560.0 INR
V Screen Urinal Fragrance Screen
The V-Screen® urinal screens offer an effective means of keeping drains and urinals free flowing. It also combats odour control between washroom cleaning visits. V Screen® is VOC exempt and non-hazardous, with no restrictions when transporting and has no storage issues.
157.50 ₹ 157.5 INR

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