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DANEX Sanispray 1ltr-Sanitary Surface Cleaner


DANEX Sanispray 1ltr-Sanitary Surface Cleaner


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Sanitizing detergent for complete cleaning, disinfection and daily maintenance of the sanitary premises

Preparation for all surfaces in the sanitary premises – tiles, faience, douche-cabins, sinks, baths, plumbing fittings, glass.

The continuously formed deposits of soap, douche-gel and scale are completely removed by a single step.

Bactericidal and fungicidal disinfection.

  • - Removes mould and mildew. If the preparation is used on a regular base, the redevelopment is prevented.
  • - Adds shining brilliance to the cleaned surfaces.
  • - Aromatizes.
  • - Quick acting and user friendly.


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