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DANEX MAGICO 5 Ltr - Powerful Degreaser


DANEX MAGICO 5 Ltr - Powerful Degreaser


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Powerful universal degreaser against the most stubborn soils.

Ready to use preparation with extraordinary quick action.

Appropriate for removal of stubborn stains, cleaning and degreasing of heavily soiled surfaces in kitchens, lavatories, garages, car services, institutions.

Decomposes in deep vegetable and animal fats, oils, petroleum products, resins, tars, soot, inks, soap deposits, food residuals, sticky substances and any stubborn and difficult to remove soils.

For cleaning of stoves, furnaces, grills, working tables and plates, woodwork, tiles, ceramics, sinks, baths and douches, utensils and tools, engines, motorcycles, cars, bikes and any water resistant surfaces; stubborn and difficult to remove stains from carpets, upholstery, clothes.


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