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Taski Nobile Plus 5 kg - High Shine Crystallisation Powder
This is a commercial product used to polish marble flooring. This needs specialized machinery (single disk machine) for application. This product is strictly not for retail sale. Only sold to marble polishing professionals.
17,605.00 ₹ 17605.0 INR
Suma Rinse - 25 ltrs Can
Machine Warewashing Rinse-Aid Concentrate
4,747.00 ₹ 4747.0 INR
Taski R3 - Glass Cleaner Concentrate 1ltr
TASKI R3 is a concentrated cleaner for cleaning all types of glass and mirrors. Regular cleaning of windows, glass display cases and mirrors with TASKI R3, leaves the surface clean and streak-free.
238.00 ₹ 238.0 INR
Taski R2 - Hygiene Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate 1ltr
TASKI R2 is Hygienic hard surface cleaner - green Liquid

Product Advantages:
- Quickly and gently removes water-soluble and oily residues
- After cleaning leaves surfaces hygienically clean
- Regular use hinders lime scale build-up

258.00 ₹ 258.0 INR
Taski R5 - Room Freshener (5ltr Can)
TASKI R5 is a water-based air freshener featuring a pleasing floral perfume which deodorizes guestrooms, banquet halls and office rooms.
1,182.00 ₹ 1182.0 INR

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