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Unger PFD7G - Pro Flat Duster
PFD7G PRO FLAT DUSTER is Super flat duster for narrow spaces, includes 3 electrostatic disposable sleeves and a machine washable microfiber sleeve

Product Advantages:

- With Microfibre sleeve
- Flat and extremely flexible duster
- Can be used wet , dry , clean or dust inaccessible spaces
- The Microfibre sleeve is easy to remove and can be machine-washed
- Disposable sleeves are also available

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Unger VP350 Vice Versa - Glass Washer & Squeezer 35cm
VP350 is Two-in -One tool, Glass washer and Squeezer (35 cm/14")

Product Advantages:

- Speed up work with 2 in 1 tool
- Work up 20% faster with washer and squeegee in one tool
- Quick spring release for easy blade change
- Water wells for High water retention

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Unger NCA00 Nylon Cone
NCA00 Nylon Cone adapter with multipurpose tip

Product Advantages:

- Use with a wide array of poles, mopes, and floor squeegees to provide extreme convenience
- Compatible with tools that snap onto poles
- Tapered design with an ACME thread

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Unger OS210 Unitech Pole 2 Section 6.5ft/ 2 mtr
OS210 UNITEC POLE is 2 section Telescopic Pole with Interior Lock, Twist right or left for locking.

Product Advantages:

- Reach in excess of 4 m ( max pole length 4 m plus body height)
- Great reaching capability when cleaning high-up places

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Unger MWSTC Pole With Handle & Cone 1.3 mtr
MWSTC Pole is Floor Handles, available with complete cone.

Product Advantages:

- Used for Floor squeegees, long lasting, aluminium, 21 mm diameter

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Unger WALB0 Duster Brush with Horse Hair Bristles
WALB0 is is Wall Brush , Dusting tool (Horse Hair)

Product Advantages:

- Fits all Unger poles
- Made of genuine horsehair
- Oval shaped
- Threads onto standard Acme thread
- For cleaning Fans, walls, radiators, light fixtures, and corners etc
- Also available with Plastic bristles (OWALB)
- Used for removing cobwebs, dust, and small dirt particles

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Unger ETG00 Ergo Tech Squeegee Handle
ETG00 is Ergonomic, bi -component handle

Product Advantages:

- Ergonomic shape and lighter weight for less fatigue and more speed
- Non- slip rubber where finger grab the squeegee- for comfort ans security

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Unger SH45H Glass Squezeer 45cm
SH45H is Traditional Window Cleaning (45 cm/ 18")

Product Quality :

- Includes notched stainless steel S- Channels and Unger Hard- Rubber blade
- Fast lock handle, with ergonomic rubber grip
- Also available as single handle, without channel and rubber

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Unger SH35H Glass Squezeer 35cm
SH35H is standard Squeegee for Traditional Window Cleaning (35 cm/14")

Product Quality :

- Includes notched stainless steel S- channels and Unger Hard- Rubber blade
- Fast lock handle with ergonomic rubber grip
- Also available as single handle without channel and rubber

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Unger RR55H Replacement Rubber For Window Squezzer (55 cm/22")
RR55H is Replacement Rubber

Quality :

- Rubber provides a sharp, long lasting edge.
- Each blade is hand inspected to insure highest quality
- Ideal for warm working conditions
- Available in 6 sizes

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