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How Influencer's don't let a facility run smoothly

Is a negative influencer running the facilities?

The purpose of the blog is to share a few experiences from the day I started this business and we still see the same issues. How influencers today rule the industry and make them better to worse in some days. 

Definition of Influencer in reference to my blog: A person in the company who badmouths or resists products, ideas or working style by promoting his one off experience to gain personal or no benefit just to criticize the entire process. 


  1. A housekeeping supervisor buying introduced a supplier for Diversey products at 25% discounts. The volume was approximately 1L worth of chemicals every month. The vendor happened to pay a 10% cut every month to this guy as he was getting 10% extra billing every month. This continued for a year and the company ended up spending some 15L on chemicals in a year with all tiles ripped of their shine, yellow WC's and rusted fittings. We got introduced by the Admin Manager of the company as a new vendor and they bought Original Diversey products from us. The influencer got restless and started calling the original products as duplicate and wanted to get us out. We got an investigation done by the OEM and got the issue sorted out. 

  2. The worlds 4th largest IT services company and the admin activities run by Mr. X who was on contract from a reputed Services company. When we were introduced as a new vendor from the Facilities Head and after getting in as a Registered Vendor did not get any order for more than 3 months. When reviewed with my team, we got to understand that Mr. X was referring to for an emergency of Rs. 1000/- at his house from past 3 months. Which directly means that without paying him Rs.1000/- the company cannot enjoy quality service. Where is the Facility Head sitting in this case?

There are many cases but let me limit it to just two. Why is the industry promoting unskilled labor in the facilities activity? Security guards, office boys, dusters, receptionists, outsourced facility guys cannot be result oriented in all cases.  

At the same time we have seen true professionals who are dedicated towards service to employees. It is not only the vendors or the facility manager that are responsible for the facility. It is most of the times a person that will be responsible for a facility to fail. 

I want to leave you all with one question. 

Do you run your facilities with influencers? 

Don't hesitate to debate my point by commenting on it. And don't forget to share as this may help someone. 

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