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How choosing right product can do the magic.....

What is my goal about this blog?

After having spent many years in the industry doing some extensive research and front end sales with 100's of customers, I want to share some points that are very important to improve and maintain your facility keeping cost in you mind.

Quality Products - How do you analyze?

I am sure this really is an important factor along with the primary being cost. Right as the apple in the image, the result of compromising on quality will look like. There are many products like paper/ soap dispensers, cleaning accessories, chemicals, tissue paper and more that really cost and cause serious issues later. 

Dispensers: The Chinese dispensers look attractive and cost low, but these are not up to standard qualities and there is no availability of accessories. There is no brand or company that will supply you accessories. These are imported by an individual trading guy and then distributed to office supplies companies. If you are really concerned about quality products, don't buy these as you will not save anything here. In fact you will end up maintaining them for the entire year and then pluck and through them off to buy new ones. I strongly suggest to have Kimberly Clark or Tork dispensers installed

Cleaning Accessories: I really don't understand why people run away from microfiber? Is cost the only factor? If yes then it is a wrong decision you are making. When I told this to a few of our prospects they said they are lost or stolen. Come on, if you cannot control these theft issues after having deployed multiple security layers, then the problem is else where and not with the expensive accessories. The check cloth that is used in companies are a house of bacteria and dirt. You will end up buying 10's of those against 1 microfiber cloth. Invest in good accessories and protect them and they will definitely save costs for you in long run and your facility will be well maintained. 

Chemicals: Acids and Phenols! When will facility managers grow above these. There are influences in the cleaning team who demand for these local products instead of professional chemicals. The only motivation here will be if they can get a chance to make a cash purchase and claim a quick bite more. You cannot recover a damaged easily after using acids on floor. You are spending approximately 6/- per liter for phenol where as the cost of a Schevaran floor cleaner is 2-3/- per liter. If your current chemicals are expansive, put controls, monitor usage and ask your vendor to arrange a training for the same. Else, find a strategy to use a mix of chemicals than sticking to one brand. Don't let your HK service vendor decide on what chemicals that he will use when you outsource the entire thing. 

Tissue paper: This is one common mistake most enterprises make. There are many small players making tissue paper in the country today. Kimberly Clark or equivalent products are really important to have consistent quality, supplies and rescue. Local tissue paper can choke your drainage pipes and cause other issues.  

Having a right product strategy is really necessary for your facility for a long lasting performance. 

Choosing a right partner for supplies...

Qualifying a right vendor for supplies is very important to achieve the above. Companies get multiple vendors registered for each product and then get the game spoilt by increasing work for all of their teams, delayed payments and invoice processing and many more. You will end up hiring more people just to make a few phone calls and answer payment issues and increase your cost other way and achieve nothing better..

It is always good to have a primary and a secondary vendor who can supply you all products at once. Assess the below points with your vendor

  • - Categories he can cater to

  • - Product knowledge

  • - Connectivity with the OEM

  • - Compliance

  • - Support in terms of training and demo

  • - Online MIS availability

  • - Other products scope out of regular products.

 Please feel free to get in touch with our sales team at  sales@magicemart.com as we are doing a great job helping large corporate manage the show like professioanls


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